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Mr. Mysto's Hints and Tips

On this, hints and tips page you will find little bits of information that will help your daughter’s party be a success. It contains information based on my experience of more than 7200 children’s parties. The hints and tips are intended for your guidance, I hope you will find them useful.

1. Keep the numbers of guests in line with the amount of space available. Don’t invite 40 children if you have room for only 20. I can advise on how to measure how many will fit in the space you available and I have a list of many local halls if you need more room.

2. Keep present opening until after the party is over. Agree with your daughter on where the presents will be placed - On a present table. In the present bag, etc.

3. Don’t put noisy whistles, etc. on the food table. Children cannot eat whilst blowing. It creates a lot of unnecessary noise and most important wastes’ time. You have employed me to entertain the children. It is not necessary to help me fill the time. Put the whistle in their party bags or better still don’t buy them.

4. Keep the food simple. Sandwiches on the whole are not popular, so please don’t make too many and certainly DON’T make any just in case they are hungry. You might consider a hot meal such as Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, or Beef Burgers all are very popular with the children when accompanied by chips and tomato sauce. Please don’t allow any food, drink or sweets during the show, these are a distraction and may be dangerous with children choking on food while laughing.

5. Distractions distract, please try and clear party room of toys and other distractions. Don’t get into major removals; perhaps a sheet over the top of toys boxes will suffice. Loose balloons are not allowed on the floor, as these are a major distraction and are dangerous if youngsters put bits of broken balloon in the mouth.

6. Try not to mix the age groups of the children too much. Younger siblings are important people but don’t invite more very young children to keep them company at the elder one’s party. They may well join in, if not distracted by other very small toddlers.

7. It is quite unnecessary for mum to stay because her little one is a bit tearful on arrival. In my experience, within a very short while of mum going, I can settle the tearful youngster down, however, if mum stays, then so does the problem. Try to reassure mum that everything will be all right. Take her phone number and tell her you will give her a call if her little one doesn’t settle down but it is very seldom necessary.

8. In my experience, it is only necessary to remind very young children up to 4 years old about the toilet. If the toilet is mentioned to older children alto-suggestion will have a queue outside the little room and none watching the show. Mr Mysto will remind the little ones and is on the lookout for the signs and will take action where necessary.

You have avoided many pitfalls by booking Mr. Mysto, but these tips will help maximise the fun the children derive from the party.

You can't beat live entertainment

Previous Clients have written in their 100's...

The mother of Hannah, who was one of your assistants, was amazed that her shy daughter accepted your invitation and helped you so eagerly, you obviously have a special charm that puts children at ease.

Mrs Allington - SW London

Thank you for coming to my party to do my party to do some magic for me and my friends.

Love from Alexander - aged 5

Bethan and her friends were thoroughly delighted when she made the white rabbit.

Mrs Allsopp - Redhill, Surrey

Thank you for making Hannah's party such a memorable one - she thoroughly enjoyed it. You took care of so much of the hard work for us that we enjoyed it too.

Mr & Mrs Barnes - Reigate, Surrey

Thank you for a lovely party, your magic was very good and the children loved it.

Love Sarah aged 4

Thank you for making my party very special for me and my friends.

Love from Katryna - aged 5

Thank you enormously! Thank you humongously! Thank you tremendously (Just can't thank you enough) for my wonderful party.

Laura Jayne (and her mum) - Wallington, Surrey

Thank you for your efforts on Sunday, you really made Isaac's party special. I am still trying to work out how you did the trick in the kitchen with the coins.

Mr Eastwood - Thames Ditton, Surrey

We couldn’t believe that such young children actually sat and watched your show for over an hour as they are a pretty lively lot.

Mrs Stratford - Twickenham, Middlesex

Thank you for coming to my fifth birthday party, my friends and I had a wonderful time.

Love Luca aged 5

Jessica adored her party thank you.

Penny - Fetcham, Surrey

Thank you so very much for a wonderful party for Jack & Mia. For us it was a completely enjoyable and stress free day.

Caroline Rudoni

The efficient way you ran the party took all the worry away from us.

Mrs Hill - New Malden, Surrey

It was a real joy to see Alice giggling away and loving every minute.

Mrs Carver - Cheam, Surrey

Your program was brilliant, the children just loved it. I have never seen my son so carefree with so many people around.

Mrs Eadie - Sutton, Surrey

Nicole was very pleased and surprised that she made a rabbit appear.

Miss Hoare - Carshalton, Surrey

The next day the teachers said how good it had been for the children and how pleased they were at how they had reacted.

Mrs Mayo - Woking, Surrey

It was so nice seeing the kids laugh from their bellies. The parents who were there have raved about you.

Cindy Paul Tehya and Caitlin - Epsom, Surrey

Just wanted to thank you again for such a great party, it really was brilliant. The children were full of it and my cheeks have only just stopped aching from smiling!!

Debbie Lawton - Ewell, Surrey

Simon has been talking about being Mr Mysto ever since his party and you obviously made it a day to remember for him.

Mrs Wood - Reigate, Surrey

Many thanks you to all involved for making my daughter birthday a great success.

Pauline Carter - Weybridge, Surrey

Plus many more, please call us if you wish to read more